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  • Why “ANTS” ?

    Because when we think about ants, we associate them with cooperation and hard work. Ants are the perfect example of collaborative effort, communication between individuals and problem solving skills. This is the way we work with our clients. Ants work for a common goal, they never pursue their individual interest but a common good, and, most importantly, they do not give up easily

  • How Do We Do It?

    Our professional staff has a full range of experience in developing all types of Technologies. Our experience in creating and delivering high-quality application helps our clients to achieve their goals. As we are a serious and integrated software development company, we try to offer our clients customized solutions. We work with our own team and we are responsible for every aspect of the project, from the beginning till the end of the project.

  • How We Work?

    Distributed agile application development with ANTS increases enterprise IT agility. Our cost-effective agile team members will work for you both onsite and offsite, depending on their role and current project needs. We manage the agile team/s and scale out agile projects using the following frameworks.
    We, ANTS employs Agile software development methods based on iterative, incremental development and enables rapid, flexible response to change. Agile lends itself perfectly to cloud application development, and to the way we work at ANTS.
    Supporting a single cloud platform eliminates unnecessary work. This enables our team to realize the full potential of Agile development methods. Every customer gets every release, eliminating all backward compatibility, operating system, and protocol issues.

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Responsive Design

Every client these days wants a mobile version of their website. We provide the designs that are compatible with every devices.

Web Development

We provide our client with the unbreakable and secured web applications.

Corporate Systems

We build intranets and corporate web-based systems to help enterprises automate processes, increase productivity and facilitate workflow management.

Software Development

We offer full-scale software solutions for mobile, web and desktop for various businesses and different industries.



We make sending SMS...EASY


Cloud technology with high end performance and unbreakable security for Schools


Developed for financial institutions with fully integrated E-banking/SMS Banking features and flexibility of UBPS.

Our Amazing Team

Our single employee can only do so much, but when all employees work as a TEAM, they are able to achieve greater heights, we don’t just leave our “fellow staff“alone when developing projects, we help each other making it possible for us to achieve our clients goals. Our teams are so organized in how they carry out their tasks that they are able to accomplish it no matter how big the task is. This kind of leadership and teamwork, when applied to your project, will make your business process work like clockwork. Whether they work even at home and they have some magical way of accomplish given task, that’s just minor details. The main point is they get the job done in the end. If you want quality results, then starting with quality teamwork what we have.

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